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Ce face omul pentru 3 tigari

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Info video:
Boschetar disperat dupa tutun.

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amatori, boschetar, Romania, tigari, romania

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Jen,Thanks for your
Scris de Subhojit pe 12-09-2015 15:12

Jen,Thanks for your comments. We're a week out from Michael Jackson's death and we ralley don't know any more information. You question is valid: Is there a test that could have picked up an impending heart attack? Unfortunately that test doesn't ralley exist yet. We have the ability to quantify degree of coronary narrowing and we can provide a rough likelihood of future problems, but we still can't adequately predict when a stable coronary blockage could become unstable. I have to imagine that Michael went though a thorough exam process and must have passed. It's a little strange that he had a cardiologist in his house at the time of his death and that makes me think there's still more we don't know. We'll just have to wait and see.

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