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How Jim Wallace coul
Scris de Shyambhavi pe 12-09-2015 09:46

How Jim Wallace could have missed the gaestert opportunity ever provided on National TV to put to rest once and for all the notion that homosexual behaviour is genetically caused at birth, eliminating the matter of choice on behalf of practising homosexuals, is beyond belief.Even a revisiting prompt by the anchor, Tony Jones failed to ignite what rightly should have been this christian's immediate response to this favourite cop-out of homosexuals. Most christians, if they don't correctly understand the scriptural teaching of Christ on this subject in the gospels, (Matt.15: 19 and Mark 7: 22) and that Christ explicitly refers to marriage as male-female in Matt 19: 4-5, they automatically know what St. Paul is talking about in the first two chapters of his epistle to the church at Rome.Those type of concerned christians also know the results of current day studies of twins who are genetically identical, where one twin is a practicing homosexual and the other is not, proves beyond doubt that homosexuality is not genetic but in fact a lifestyle choice.To let the major point made to the Q&A Panel by the young man via skype go unchallenged is a monumental travesty of immeasurable proportions, which leaves thousands of young people in particular confused and still believing they can blame their genes instead of taking responsibility for their own actions by blaming the real culprit, their own misguided, deviant choice.

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