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Alege-ti stapanii cu grija

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politica, presedinte, Basescu, Iliescu, Constantinescu, Ceausescu, stapani, alegeri, vot

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I work in blood bank
Scris de Lobodelsur pe 12-09-2015 22:21

I work in blood banking and I'm here to help. :)I belviee your explanation about why a transfusion from group O to A or B does not agglutinate the RBCs of the recipient to be either mistaken or incomplete. For your explanation to work, the vWF would have to react with all of the antibodies from the O donor with none left over for the RBCs, which may work but I can't say I've heard of that.The fact is that the antibodies most certainly can react with the recipient's RBCs, but in blood banking these days, plasma is separated from RBCs, and the appropriate product, whether RBCs or plasma, is given for the appropriate indication. Whole blood is, AFAIK, indicated for little if anything. Therefore, that blood product from an O donor has very little plasma in it.The other reason is dilution. Even were whole blood to be given, in most cases the amount is small compared to the patient's own plasma volume, and even if antibody attachment occurs, it isn't much and presumably causes little harm.The presence of high ABO antibody titers has been something of a mystery to me, but maybe you've explained it. The presence of such titers means that people are continually exposed to the corresponding antigen, and if those antigens were on gut bacteria, that would seem to explain it.

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